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  1. Posted by sadierosedurham, — Reply

    i’m having a christmas contest! if you want to join just go to my board called contest and read the info!

  2. Posted by lets_be_real, — Reply

    Hah I'm a dancer and I can do all of those except one. Dont worry they're not that hard

  3. Posted by slpurcell12, — Reply

    Step one: Break your back, or have no spine

  4. Posted by allielandryatxicloudcom, — Reply

    What are those bands that you use to stretch and where could i get one?

  5. Posted by Peachy_Vsco_Sparkle, — Reply

    Omg if I tried the top right one I would slide and fall on my back and break it

  6. Posted by girl_bi_09, — Reply

    What are those blocks called

  7. Posted by csantella6154, — Reply

    I can do all of them UwU

  8. Posted by chelseamaryw, — Reply

    bold of you to assume I can do any of the starting posing

  9. Posted by gusulistlessmoon, — Reply

    The comment section.... Lol

  10. Posted by PinkLuggageAbroad, — Reply


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